The White Elephant

The White Elephant

White Elephant Sporting Goods, Fishing, Toys, Spokane, WA


How much of your merchandise are "factory seconds" or discontinued items?
Very little, less than 5%. That means that 95% of everything on our shelves is new, factory fresh merchandise. The "factory seconds" we do sell are still top quality items, they simply have minor cosmetic flaws. Discontinued items are just last year's models that sell for an extra-special low price.

What is your return policy?
To see our updated return policy, please proceed to the following link: Return Policy

Do you sell products online?
We currently do not sell our merchandise online, though we are working getting set up to do so.  We carry so much merchandise, it is hard to get it all ready for online sales.

How can you sell merchandise for such low prices?
Buying right. All of our buyers have decades of experience negotiating the best prices with our suppliers.

Volume. We only make a small profit per item - but we sell a lot of items.

Low Overhead. You don't get the frills of the fancy, big, high priced stores--simply the best prices in town.

Do you take Credit Cards?
Yes! Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

Do you take personal or business checks?
Sorry, no. Remember, we must survive on a very small profit margin. Even a few bad checks a week would mean we would have to raise our prices.

Do you have a layaway program?
No. The labor and space requirements for a program like that can be extensive. That's why usually, only high-priced stores offer that service.


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  • We Except Visa, Master Card, Discover, Debit, and don't forget Cash.